Social Media Tools for Success

Dependent upon the end goal, choosing the right social media tools can be tricky.  With so many readily available at your fingertips, the world becomes your oyster with a pearl found within every tool.  Defining strategic goals prior to using these landscapes to manage multiple profiles to streamline and consolidate efforts leaving more time to focus on putting your organization, or self, on the social map.  Leverage your social media management by using two of the top rated social media tools reported below.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social works to measure reports and provide analytics, monitor and engage with others in social conversations, and to plan or schedule posts on various social platforms.  What sets the stage for this tool is that it harnesses the belief that customers and businesses should engage freely with options to enhance the levels of engagement.  For example, according to Kenneth Waldman’s perspective on Social Media Examiner, “you can see the profiles attached to your account and the team members who are helping you manage these networks. Looking left allows you to get insight into audience demographics and trends on your account, detailing interactions and impressions you’ve made during the past day or week.


Untitled. (Diagram). 2016 retrieved from

See which social media profiles are connected and add other team members to help you manage your accounts” (Waldman, 2016).  Follow the Social Media Examiner on Twitter @SMExaminer.

Another great aspect of this tool is you can begin to use smart words to capture what is trending.  Following mentions and creating content to engage conversations through this tool can be tested out free of charge for a trial period with Sprout Social.  Have questions, take to Twitter and ask the support team by clicking #SproutChat.



 Making social media marketing a breeze, Everypost connects all platforms to allow for easy management of social media accounts.  With a simple interface, users can view a dashboard that you can pull visual content from these platforms you manage.  Much like the social media management tool Klout, you can content to reach audience members when traffic patterns of usage are highest.  With five different pricing plans available for purchase, you can choose the correct plan for your needs.  Also with a complementary plan, beginners are welcome to join to discover the wonder of Everypost.




Waldman, K. (2016, April 18). 5 Social Media Management Tools to Save Time: Social Media Examiner. Retrieved November 20, 2016, from


One thought on “Social Media Tools for Success

  1. Great post! These are two social media tools that I have never heard of and they seem like great tools to use. Both seem to be great for businesses especially everypost, with a business having a variety of social media accounts on multiple platforms, they are able to easily post on all at the same time. As a business or blogger you are able to easily eliminate the task of having to post to each individual social media account. Other than the blog for our social media class, I have a personal travel blog and these seems like great tools that I could personally use to take our blog to the next level and get our information out there. I think I could for sure use Everypost, right now once I post a blog post it is automatically posted to our Facebook page but I have to manually post it to Instagram and I am not using other platforms right now, but with this tool I might expand our social media presence! Your post was very informative, thanks for the information!


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