Social Media Matters


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Building brand awareness in the minds of consumers can be tough.  Especially if you’re marketing products that most consumers would never purchase.  Not only because the costs exceed what most would ever dream about making in a lifetime, but because the need is simply not there.  With a very specific and targeted market, surface mining equipment products are set to help miners purchase the right equipment pieces for their needs.


Image courtesy of Ezra Siegel in Business 2 Community

Using social media to foster relationships and convey messaging while engaging with audience members is an important element to social media marketing.  With a whopping  nearly 80 percent of social media time now spent on mobile devices.  With the use of Twitter, equipment companies and organizations can push messaging to mobile on how to lower material handling costs or promote the next upcoming trade show or event.  Best of all, tweets can be seen directly on consumers mobile smartphone.

A few features that Twitter offers to the mining industry as an added benefit;

  • The ability to permanently pin a tweet for more effective promotion
  • Customize and personalize messaging to audience members
  • Attach images in Tweets.  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words
  • Add users automatically by specifying an action and adding to list by using IFTTT
  • Gain advancement to competition by using advanced search features

While that list certainly isn’t comprehensive, what can be is the integrated approach in which the industry uses to use Twitter as an advantage point for mobility of marketing messaging.  For example, upon participating in one of the largest trade shows for mining organizations held every four years, MINExpo International, mining leader Joy Global tweeted upcoming information, teasers and sneak peaks to product launches, as well as providing valuable information to the attendees.  Staying connected in real time at the show.


Image courtesy of Joy Global’s Twitter Page @joyglobalinc.

The use of mobile marketing was a huge plus for tweeting before, during, and after the show is a great way to stay informed as a consumer and as a marketer, a great way to engage.  The success is seen with attendance at shows, MINExpo drew out 44,000 attendees at the Joy Global booth alone and through the use of such social applications such as Twitter, in a mobile friendly fashion.  According to the MINExpo influenced microsite for Joy Global,, 80% of the 44,000 attendees traveled over “400 miles to attend” and “90%” of that came to “see new products ” as mentioned and teased on the Joy Global Twitter site.

The end use of the application chosen is ultimately dependent upon the best strategy aligned to reach your targeted audience members.  Whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, each serves the purpose of optimizing a real time mobile engagement platform to use as a foundation to place valuable content but for building relationships.  Fostering value through such mobile friendly platforms will ease the access of content published, mentioned, and build awareness along with loyalty.



3 thoughts on “Social Media Matters

  1. Great Blog post! Having people tweet before, during and after events is great and can attract many people and get attention for the event. It is interesting though that even a mining organization would be doing this. Social media and in particular in this case Twitter has made its way into all different types of industries in order for them to gain attention.

    Mobile usage is just out of this world. Everyone always has their phones and they take them everywhere with them and have all of the world basically in the palm of their hand. With mobile applications and social media platforms everyone is able to connect with the few clicks of a button anywhere in the world. No matter what industry you are in mobile usage is important a well as all social media platforms.


  2. I feel that the idea the live tweet throughout the event is a good idea. It allows the consumer or follower to feel apart of something special as they can tweet about the current and up to date moments occurring in the event. I like how you mentioned that each social media platform should be there to form relationships rather than just build a product


  3. It’s interesting to see how Twitter has evolved to such a business tool that it can even be utilized in the mining industry. The pre- shoe and live tweeting seems to show significance in all areas. I personally love to live tweet when an awards show or finale is on. Makes consumers who are there feel apart of something bigger and those whom are not can get the details they missed.


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