Social Media Mining


Photo retrieved from Girard Brewer

Coming out of the closet, the social closet that is, to plant your company in the thicket of social media can be a tricky venture.  Deciding what platforms can best get you’re messaging to your audience members can be tricky.  Especially if the targeted audience members are defined of business owners, miners, and mining enthusiasts.

If your business is an international mining organization, for instance, then even more challenges arise…

Equal representation of all regions and territories should always be considered.

How do you push content across 11 different regions or leverage messaging?   With the capabilities to push messaging worldwide along with abilities to impact audience members globally, companies need to be sensitive of what is occurring holistically with all regions.  Some crisis in one of the participating regions may impact what messaging should be shared.

Digging deeper, pun intended, to look at a couple of examples of how CRM and bad timing can impact organizational successes on social media could be;

  • Sharing a large charitable donation after laying off hundreds of employees
  • Advertising new openings in locations during a devastating fire that wipes out another location and leaves employees without a job

Mining for a great strategy to engage audience members, within the mining industry itself can be challenging in general but through clearly defined targeted audience can save an organization.  Save them not only time but effort.  Timing is everything.  Content must be monitored as well as comments on Facebook.  If a message is left by a disgruntled member and time ticks by with no acknowledgment or monitoring, the result could be disastrous along with showing less than par customer service.

Identification of relevant content to share about international business operations is also a challenge at times when taking a brand social.  Who is going to translate the content to be shared?  By identifying elected brand ambassadors of the regions operating in, initiatives can be set to share information to the department or person set to monitor and post.

Strategies to use upcoming events and trade shows can also make great promotions and identifying issues that might be effecting their target market and adjust accordingly. I think it will be interesting to watch how companies respond to and change their SM content to appeal to different countries or even within the US.  Balance, although not always easy to achieve, requires more work and effort on behalf of the organization at hand, especially in the mining sector.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Mining

  1. Avery, I have started reading your blog posts regularly due to your flawless mix of humor and information. You transition from a joke to intelligent information without taking away from your overall message. I have been striving to do that since I begun reading your posts. Thank you for the advice you didn’t even know you were giving me 🙂


  2. I found your post interesting. I think that the one thing that I can agree on with bringing your brand onto the social media platform is the idea that you have to constantly update and monitor your accounts so that you can filter out the good and the bad that comments on your brand.


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