Twitterpated with Blogging

Just as the Friend Owl teaches Bambi and his friend Thumper in the 1942 Disney classic film-Bambi, twitterpated is to be obsessed or infatuated.  Loving what you do shows and being infatuated with mining is my current twitterpation.


Image retrieved from Home of Service, Defining Best Practices 

“There are an estimated 8 million blogs online and 332 million active users on Twitter, greater than the U.S. population.  So how do you jump into this vast blogging world? With so many voices out there, how do you stand out?” -Sarah Berek

With a vast majority of the population online, why wouldn’t one establish best practices for an organization to blog and tweet.  The mining industy maybe seemingly not too interesting initially, but take a deeper look.  Where would we be without mining?  Just ask the Minerals Education Coalition.  A world without mining would be unlike the world we know today.  Everything is possible because of mining; planes, trains, and autmobiles included.

That being said, it is time to define best practices for blogging and tweeting in the mining industry:

  • Stay consistent-this can be in content tone, a global approach, a simple tweet but be consistent
  • Be responsive-let followers and audience members know you hear them and care that they care
  • Keep posts short and engaging-would you want to read it?  If the answer is no, why are you writing it
  • Humanize yourself-no one wants a robot to feed them information.  Add testimonials whenever possible
  • Customer service skills-this goes back to the old saying of “treat others as you would want to be treated”.  Again, goes back to being responsive and acknowledment
  • Ask for audience participation when applicable-to increase engagment, you must be engaging.  Invite audience members to share pictures from events of yours they attended and entice them to.  It never hurts to offer incentives…

Whenever I am working with our team to host events, there are always team efforts to promote the show/event pre/during/post show.  By using the above bullets to push messaging and engagment techniques, audience members are connected to upcoming shows and events, current global affairs in the mining industry, along with other relevant news within the industry.

Looking back at 2016’s MINExpo, the largest trade show for our global mining organization held every four years, part of our booths success was due to cross functional team members working together to apply these practices defined above.  Creating engaging promotional tweets and blogs was big (if not bigger than our equipment pieces displayed).


3 thoughts on “Twitterpated with Blogging

  1. You provided some excellent practices for blogging and tweeting because they are important for companies, home-based business, and even individuals to those who are trying to create a brand for themselves. I run a home-based craft business and I participate in many craft shows which I hear from so many crafters that they do not use social media so my goal is to help them learn how to use social media to build their brand and their products. As far as Twitter, I have been hearing so many complaining to me about hash tags and I had one say “I hate hashtags” and the more I listened to this individual I started to discovering this person does not understand the purpose of hash tags and their importance.


  2. Avery,

    This was a great read. Looking how you set it all up tells me you’ve been blogging for a while and it’s great to have heard your thoughts and ideas. The points you make are crucial, and they all need to be practiced in order to gain success in marketing in general, especially when it comes to blogging, Twitter, and other SM platforms. I pay close attention to all sorts of companies’ efforts on social media and it’s surprising who keeps on failing to get the point of it all. I never thought about mining but I think everyone should know how important it has been in the progress of civilization. It’s not the most exciting topic to read or hear about and I’m glad that you work with a team of individuals who all play a part in promoting it.

    – Theo


  3. Avery,
    I enjoyed this post! And it was great to hear of your success at the MinExpo in 2016. Very few people get the promotional side of things, either they’re promoting their content too much, or too little, too often, or not enough, too quietly, or too loudly. It is awesome that you hit the mark you were aiming for! My blogging best practices are very similar to the ones you have outlined here. In addition, you brought up a great point about treating others how you want to be treated. It is such a simple concept, that gets overlooked in a lot of business transactions.


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